How to Enjoy Alaska, the Fun and Easy Way

Global EAT - How to Enjoy Alaska, the Fun and Easy Way
Cruising is the best way to enjoy the stunning highlights of Alaska on a tight schedule. (Nikao Media)

Cruising is one of the most fun, easy and affordable way to enjoy Alaska and its amazing landscape. The Alaska cruise season runs from May to September.

A wonderful family vacation option for travellers of all ages. Cruise lines offer a variety of onboard activities that would keep passengers amused.

Dining options cater to virtually every taste bud and diet, with ambience for formal evening affairs to a casual bite at poolside after a swim.

Passengers are not confined to their cabin. There is plenty of room to move around on the ship. No hassle of packing and unpacking every couple of days.

Off-shore excursions offer opportunities to experience local sights while at ports of call. Disabled cabins are available for those with limited mobility

Repositioning cruises are great options for first timers wanting a taste of cruising. These short and inexpensive trips are offered in spring for northbound Alaska itineraries from Vancouver and Seattle.

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Read before Paying for Your Cruise

  • Ports of Call Not Guaranteed: Cruise companies cannot promise your cruise itinerary fulfillment due to natural occurrences beyond their control.
  • Medical facility and Services: Facility is akin to that of a walk-in clinic. The ship doctor is usually a local hire and practice as an independent contractor. Cruise lines will not accept liability nor are they legally responsible (according to maritime law) for any malpractice by an independent contractor.
  • Emergency: Airlift may not be available if the ship is 500 miles or more away from shore.
  • Travel Insurance: Must have. Read the fine print and understand the coverage before signing. Cruise line insurance has limited coverage. It is best to purchase from a reputable third party insurer.

Happy Cruising!


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