Canadian Chef Cherkas Making Waves in Asia

Global EAT - Canadian Chef Cherkas Making Waves in Asia
He is focused and driven by his flaming passion to develop food experiences that challenge diners’ expectations. (Cuca Flavor)

Could Canadian-born Cherkas be the rising star among the world’s future top chefs? Why did he choose Asia as his platform?

When he left the Canadian West Coast in 2001, little did award winning chef, Kevin Cherkas dream he would be making waves in Asia and opening Cuca in exotic Bali. Cherkas built his culinary career working with some of the world’s renowned Michelin-starred restaurants including Spain’s El Bulli, Daniel in New York.

His aspiration to explore and excel in the gastronomic world earned him numerous accolades including a gold medal at the USA Chicago Culinary Salon Team Canada 2001, three gold medals at the 2000 British Columbia Chefs Association Hot Culinary Competition, and several Chaîne des Rôtisseurs awards.

Rising Star in the Culinary World

In April this year, Cherkas was spotlighted as a guest speaker at the 2nd Madrid Fusion Manila International Gastronomy Congress.

He captured the limelight with his inspiring food creation using avant-garde techniques and local Indonesian ingredients. A lively presenter, he kept the audience engaged with his interesting culinary narrative that echoed the event’s theme – The Manila Galleon: East Meets West.

Could this rising star be among the world’s future top chefs? Indeed, Cherkas has the hallmarks of a promising acclaimed chef.

He is focused and driven by his flaming passion to create multi-dimensional epicurean experiences that challenge diners’ expectations.

Having worked in North America, Europe – and Asia where he headed the Shangri-La Hotel Restaurants, Lafite in Kuala Lumpur and BLU in Singapore – Cherkas is familiar with the cosmopolitan palate.

Cuca Flavor

Cuca Flavor was a dream comes true for Cherkas and his wife plus business partner, Spanish native, Virginia Entizne. Tucked away in the less touristy Jimbaran community of Bali, the restaurant opened its door in 2013, and has garnered praise from diners and the media.

Cherkas attributed Cuca’s success to his wife and his dedicated team including culinary team leader Terry Chee, guest experience leader Kunto Aji and his warm, hospitable staff.

Global EAT - Canadian Chef Cherkas Making Waves in Asia
Chef Kevin Cherkas uses local Indonesian ingredients to create delcious western cuisine(Cuca Flavor)

Asian Ingredients – Western Style

Cuca’s concept is casual dining and utilizing only local ingredients to develop new tasty western cuisine. Using local Indonesian products reduce carbon footprints, maximize ingredient freshness, support local producers, and showcase the distinctive regional flavours.

Why Asia?

Listen to GlobalEAT’s interview with Cherkas on why he chose Asia, specifically Bali to open Cuca, what excites him about Bali, and his plan to expand beyond his current operation.

Like a salmon returning to its spawning ground, Tsawwassen-born Cherkas said he will one day return to Vancouver to open a restaurant drawing on Cuca’s concept.

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