Char by Four Seasons Fires up Flavours with Finesse

Global EAT - Char by Four Seasons Fires up Flavours with Finesse
'Chocolate on Fire' Dessert (Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)

Char by Four Seasons is bringing on the heat to fire up your appetite and holiday

Char by Four Seasons recently opened in Chiang Mai introducing open-fire grilling.  Forget induction and sous-vide cooking. Open-flame grilling is making a comeback in upscale eateries, paying tribute to the ancient art of cooking.

The restaurant’s open kitchen is where the magic happens. Said executive chef Liam Nealon in a press release. Seventy per cent of dishes from the restaurant’s menu are cooked using the fire pit.

“Char is a celebration of the grill and fire-pit where clean, crisp flavours are elevated with finesse and flair.” Said Anthony Gill, general manager of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Global EAT - Char by Four Seasons Fires up Flavours with Finesse
Char by Four Seasons Restaurant: Culinary team roasting a suckling pig over the fire pit. (Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)
Renowned architect and landscape designer Bill Bensley and Jirachai Rengthong designed the tastefully-crafted pit.

Community and Sustainability

The resort has always been a fervent local community and sustainability supporter. Farm-to-table concept remain their key focus.

Nealon said they “work closely with local farmers so the freshest, seasonal ingredients of Northern Thailand are brought to the fore.”

Local farms supply over 60 per cent of their ingredients.  Some farms are just minutes away from the resort. They partnered with a local producer for their supply of rare grass-fed Thai Wagyu.

Taste of Italy

Verona-born Sous Chef Marco Avesani heads Char’s culinary team, bringing a touch of Italy to the menu. Avesani’s inspiration of open-fire cooking stems from his childhood days cooking at his grandmother’s country home in San Bortolo delle Montagne.

Global EAT - Char by Four Seasons Fires up Flavours with Finesse
Char by Four Seasons also offers vegetarian dishes on their menu (Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)
On the menu are innovative and healthy dishes like quinoa spaghetti with spirulina seaweed and pesto sans cheese. Diners seeking classic taste can enjoy wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches with house-made pastrami and striploin steak.

The newly installed pit fires up juicy rack-of-lamb, organic chicken, grilled seabass, salt-crusted arctic char, and more.  Diners have a wide choice of steaks, including the Black Angus tomahawk.

For extra burst of flavours, add their in-house made condiments and dressings to the grilled meats. Srira-char, bacon mustard, pale ale ketchup and more.

Global EAT - Char by Four Seasons Fires up Flavours with Finesse
Delicious sauce made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. (Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)
Appease your sweet cravings with desserts like ‘chocolate on fire’ and ‘exotic baba’ made with the region’s reowned phu lae pineapple. These desserts won’t disappoint, said pastry chef Yanisa Wiangnon.

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The open-air ambience of the restaurant unfolds to a glorious view of the rice paddies and distant Doi Suthep Mountain.  Even the vista alone is worth a visit to this secret getaway!