If there is one thing British Columbians lack, it certainly would not be creative juices and flavours.

This is evident by the deliciously flavoured artisanal products featured at the EAT! Vancouver Festival taking place at BC Place Stadium in British Columbia, Canada this weekend.

Garnishing Salts

According to the global team of McCormick chefs and flavor experts, flavoured salts, particularly salt with sour combination is one of the eight flavour trends forecasted for 2015. The finishing condiment gives brilliance and texture to dishes.

The gourmet sea salt products that we offer are organically harvested and handmade in Salt Spring Island, says Philippe Marill, owner of Salt Spring Sea Salt Ltd. The salt (Fleur de sel) harvesting is done by hand-skimming the thin layer of sea salt that floats to the water surface during the evaporation process.

Marill’s artisanal salt production techniques are inspired by his Mediterranean upbringing in Montpellier –Southern France and Canadian West Coast experiences.

Global EAT - Beautifully Made, Wonderfully Flavoured
Lobster oil adds richness and depth to the taste of dishes.(Nikao Media)

The products come in assorted colours and 10 different flavours. The Jalapeño Lime flavour makes a delightful savoury rim for Margarita, Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktails – and the Blackberry Ginger Sea Salt adds colour and zest up the dish when sprinkled as a finishing garnish.

It is great for salads, fruits, desserts, chocolate, quinoa and rice. Show special price is CAD$10 for a 45-grams container. Products are also available for purchase at saltspringseasalt.com.

The Magic of Gourmet Oil

It adds richness and depth to the taste of dishes. Produced in Vancouver, Olive & Ciboulette Lobster Oil is the innovation of Frédéric Couton, former Executive Chef of the now-defunct Cannery Seafood Restaurant.

The lovely oil made with fresh Nova Scotia lobsters, vegetables, spices and herbs – adds a whole new and surprising dimension of flavour to a dish when drizzled on. Taste splendid when sprinkled over pasta dishes and salads or use as a dip for breads with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

At the show, the product is retailing at CAD$20 per bottle. Orders can also be placed at oliveciboulette.com