Updated: September 19, 2018

Where to find the freshest vegetables, juiciest berries and apples while having fun? Look no further than Abbotsford, an hour’s drive from Vancouver.

Dubbed City in the Country, Abbotsford brings a host of delicious food and family fun to the heart of the Fraser Valley. Explore country roads. Savour juicy berries and mouth-watering non-GMO peaches and cream corn. Enjoy freshly harvested vegetables grown in one of the world’s most fertile farmlands.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
Farm markets and fruit stands in Abbotsford overflow with fresh fruits and produce. (Nikao Media)

Maan Farms: Delicious Berries and Produce

Maan Farms offers u-pick for strawberries, blueberries, peaches, super sweet jubilee and peaches & cream corn. Their freshly picked blueberries and strawberries burst with sweetness. The farm’s home-grown monster zucchinis make great zucchini bread, pasta substitute or use as a pizza “crust”.

Fruits and vegetables harvested at peak ripeness are flavourful and nutritionally intense. They have time to soak up all that mother-nature provides.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
Fresh cream corn, homegrown yellow and green zucchinis and flavourful Russian garlics. (Nikao Media)

Abundance of fresh produce makes it easy to eat your way to better health. Fresh and seasonal produce is a key ingredient to tasty food. So take advantage of the summer produce while it’s still in season.

Food, Family Fun and More

Indian curries, butter chicken, samosas and a variety of homemade soups line the freezer shelves. Maan Farms creates their own brand of pickled vegetables, jams and hot sauces.

At the country kitchen, the smell of freshly-baked bumbleberry pies and muffins permeate the air. Their menu offers a selection of gourmet burgers, soups, wraps, sandwiches and desserts made with the freshest local ingredients.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
The handcrafted pies at Maan Farms come in six flavours: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, bumbleberry, blueberry, apple and pumpkin. (Nikao Media)

On the 80 acre farm is also a winery, a rustic barn perfect for farm weddings, and fun attractions such as a petting zoo and zipline.

The $38 CAD Barnyard Adventure Land package allows a family of four (2 adults plus 2 children) one day unlimited visits to the different farm attractions including the fall corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
Maan Farms offers country experience, fun attractions, and learning opportunities for all ages. (Nikao Media)

The farm opens its door at Easter and closes just before Christmas on December 23. “October is the biggest season of the year for us because of the pumpkin patch and the haunted corn maze. The maze opens daily from mid to end of October,” says farmer and winery manager, Gaurav Maan.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
Farmer and winery manager of Maan Farms, Gaurav Maan showcasing one of their old tractors.(Nikao Media).

Taves Family Farms: Apple Picking and Haystack Rides

U-pick apple season is now open. The Applebarn is located less than 10 minutes drive from Maan Farms. Apple varieties include Jonagold (the Taves’ signature apple), Alkmene, Ambrosia, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Gravenstein, Spartan, and Elstar.

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All nine natural apple varieties are non-GMO and chemical spray free. The farm also features greenhouses thriving with local vegetables including peppers – and acres of berries, pumpkins and sweet corn.

Like prior years, the place is expected to be buzzing with pickers and families, says Summer Dhillion of Tourism Abbotsford.

Global EAT - Abbotsford: Culinary and Fun Getaways Packed with Tasty Thrills
A big highlight at Taves Family Farms are the u-pick apple and plum orchards as well as pumpkin patches. (Slap Communications)

Rich and Wholesome Apple Cider

Fallen apples are collected and used for animal feed and making apple cider.

“The fresh cold-pressed cider is thick and available for a limited season. However, the pasturized version is sold in glass bottles in stores year round. Kids love the apple cider slushy made with fresh cider and shaved ice, says Dhillion”

“Their apple cider is legendary. The Taves apple cider is pure squeezed apple juice, there’s no additives.”

Kids would enjoy pony rides, and fun hay rides to the pumpkin patch. The Taves are hosting an Apple Celebration on September 9th and 10th – and a Pumpkin Celebration on October 14th and 15th.

Support Farmers from Farm-to-Table

Connect with the farmers – support the people who work hard to bring delectable and nutritious foods to your plate. Get dirty and cultivate your knowledge on how food is produced.

There are plenty of farm-to-fork activities – and fun attractions to keep kids entertained including pedal carts and jumping pillows at Maan Farms and Taves Family Farms. Check their websites for current u-pick schedules and events.

For self-guided tours, go to tourismabbotsford.ca