Photo Credit (Backgound): Savour the amazing array of freshly caught fish and seafood from the Pacific Ocean.(Hawaii Tourism Authority(HTA)/Tor Johnson)

Posted: December 14, 2014  |  Updated: January 06, 2020

Do dreary winter days leave you feeling sluggish, irritable and down? Discover Favourite Places in the US to Beat the Winter Blues!

As days draw shorter and nights turn wet and blistering cold, even the best of us can get a little gloomy. Beat the winter blues, embark on a fun-filled culinary travel escapade to the US.

Hawaii – Energize Under Swaying Palm Trees

Relax with the friendly and laidback Polynesians. Refresh your senses in the floral breeze, serene waters and natural splendours of the Big Island, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and Maui. Hawaii, also known as the ‘Healing Island’ is endowed with a rich wellness culture combined with the Aloha Spirit that nurtures the body, spirit and mind.

Global EAT - Blues Getaways: Top Favourite Fun Places in the US
Relax under the swaying palm trees in Hawaii. (Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson )

Fresh, delectable cuisine abounds on Hilo and Kona Coast. Culinary tours are popular to coffee and macadamia nut farms. Get a taste of local delicacies at Hilo Farmers Market or visit Waimea — famed for its paniolo (cowboy) culture and enjoy a sunset barbeque in rancher country. A unique experience would be a visit to the first and only seahorse farm in the world, Ocean Rider Aqua-Farm in Kona.

Louisiana – Jazz up with Music and Savour Lip-Smacking Food

Jazz up your blues with live music and delicious food in the Gumbo State of the American Deep South. Louisiana is culturally rich with French, Spanish and African influences as reflected in the architecture, music and food.

Food is a culture, passion, spice of life and conversational topic everywhere.

Global EAT - Blues Getaways: Top Favourite Fun Places in the US
Celebrating life, whether through music or food is virtually a pastime for the Big Easy folks. (Louisiana Office of Tourism)

Celebrating life, whether through music or food is virtually a pastime for the Big Easy folks. One never gets enough when it comes to the quality and abundance of music in Louisiana.

Bourbon Street and the French Quarter offers virtually every kind of music — from traditional Zydeco, Cajun, New Orleans Dixieland to blues, jazz, rock, bop, hip-hop, funk around the clock.

Explore their famous culinary trails — enrich your skills and get a taste of Capital Cuisine, Bayou Bounty, Delta Delights, Red River Riches, Prairie Home Cooking, Creole Fusion and Seafood Sensation.

Florida – Brighten with Sunshine and Fun

The Sunshine State has plenty to offer snowbirds looking for vitamin D, relaxation and great food. Miami pride itself as the destination for sun, sand, fun lifestyles and Floribbean cuisines. “Bliss is a locally-grown ingredient,” says Hedy Goldsmith, South Florida’s top pastry chef. Miami will not disappoint gourmets when it comes to pleasing their taste buds.

Fort Lauderdale – The Venice of America

Approximately 40 minutes drive north from Miami is Fort Lauderdale — known for its waterway attractions including the 300-plus miles inland canals where visitors can navigate through centuries-old mangroves — and get close-up views of lavish multi-million-dollar mansions, many owned by celebrities. Maneuver through the Venice of America on a sightseeing cruise or for the more adventurous — try the full moon kayak tour.

Day trips are also available from here to the Everglades Wilderness Park or for a leisurely stroll — head out to Hollywood Beach Broadwalk — named one of America’s top ten nostalgic promenades by USA Today. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are major cruise hubs — last minute cruise deals to the Caribbean and South America are often available through these ports. Or have fun with your family in Orlando — home of Disneyland World, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica.

Global EAT - Blues Getaways: Top Favourite Fun Places in the US
Experience the majestic New Mexico landscape on a hot air balloon. ( New Mexico Tourism Dept.)

New Mexico – Lift your spirit in the Land of Enchantment

This mystique land with its breathtaking beauty, rich history and diverse climate — is home to the Navajo, Apache, Ute, Hopi and Pueblo American native Indian groups.

Alongside is also a strong Hispanic influence that began over 500 years ago. Visitors can explore desert oasis in the south, ski in the north, hand glide or experience the majestic landscape on a hot air balloon — treasure hunt in the many arts and craft markets.

Savour the flavour of New Mexican delicacies created by award-winning chefs. The regional cuisine is an interesting fusion of Spanish-Mediterranean cooking with Mexican, Native American and the Old West influences.

Rattlesnake steak is a popular dish in this part of the country. There is even a museum (American International Rattlesnake Museum) in Albuquerque dedicated to rattlesnakes and it boasts the largest collection of live rattlesnakes in the world.

Arizona – Bask, Golf and Spa Away in Desert Oasis

Arizona — the Grand Canyon State with its spectacular picturesque backdrop, abundant world-class golf courses, spas, great shopping, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, history, culture, and needless to say — wonderfully dry, warm weather makes this desert oasis a hotbed for snowbirds during the winter months.

Phoenix – The hub for all things hip and artsy

For a taste of rich and zesty Southwestern cooking, head off to the state capital, Phoenix. Unleash your palate at the many Zagat rated restaurants including Dick’s Hideaway, Blue Adobe Grille, Sierra Bonita Grill. It’s a venue for many big league sporting events like the Fiesta Bowl, NASCAR and PGA tours.

Neighbouring Scottsdale — a playground of the Old Wild West is lined with award winning resorts and spas, golf courses, great boutiques and eateries. Other popular Arizona destinations are Sedona, Tempe, Glendale, Flagstaff in the north and Tucson in the south.

California – Make Your Dreams Come True

The Golden State boasts a plethora of invigorating activities for visitors of all ages. Its diverse climate, geography and chic lifestyles are what make California a refreshing and appealing destination. There is no shortage of choices when it comes pleasing the discerning palate. The region is renowned for its foods, cuisine and world-class wines.

Los Angeles (L.A.) located in Southern California is the largest American metropolis after New York. L.A. is known for its balmy climate and movie industry. True to its lyrics, the song, “California Dreaming” stirs up a desire to escape to Los Angeles where it’s warm. Within an hour or two drive from downtown Los Angeles is Orange County — home to Disneyland and gateway to many of California’s theme parks and beaches.

Global EAT - Blues Getaways: Top Favourite Fun Places in the US
Roller Coaster Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm (Visit California Tourism)

Mention Disneyland or Hollywood to any kid (even adult) or movie buff, they’ll perk up right away. The California attitude is anything that you want it to be, and Disneyland fuse these aspects flawlessly. They are experts in making Dreams Come True and boosting your mental well-being. For a relaxing health, beauty or dining getaway, head out to San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco or Ventura County.

Nevada – Immerse in Glittering Lights

Shimmering in the horizon is Nevada. The glitzy lights, the action-packed entertainment of the Las Vegas and Reno strips will get your energy pumping. The sky is the limit when it comes to air sports adventures like sky diving, hand gliding or hot air ballooning. Speed seekers will have a blast on the many car racetracks. Lake Tahoe awaits skiers looking for a thrill on the slopes — or simply embark on a culinary adventure sampling delicious award winning cuisines prepared by celebrity chefs.

Elko- Cowboys and Basque Culture

Of course, there’s more to Nevada than the bright lights. For an authentic Wild West experience, explore Elko where true cowboys live and play. Every January, cowboys congregate at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko for a celebration of the rural West. The county has a vibrant Basque history and culture. The annual National Basque Festival held every July celebrates their culture. A real treat is enjoying the tasty family-style Basque cuisine at the local restaurants like the Star Hotel. Elko is located midway between Reno and Salt Lake City, UT.