If there was one place to feast with your eyes and eat to your heart’s content, it would be the Marriott Hotel Manila. On this tasty food tour, discover the mouthwatering cuisines that keep guests coming back.

The selection featured street food like the popular tomato-based chicken afritada, kilawin na tanique (raw fish marinated in lime and vinegar) and bola bola (deep-fried battered fish balls).

Kare-kare and crispy pata (deep-fried pork knuckles) are two of their signature dishes. Other popular Filipino specialties include pritong talong (pan-fried eggplant), ensaladang pipino (cucumber salad) and guisadong ampalaya (sautéed bitter melon). Bitter melon is purported to lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and inhibit pancreatic cancer cell growth.

Top 3 Favourites

Bulalong batangas (slow-simmered beef shank broth), sinigang na lamang dagat ng visaya (mixed seafood simmered in tamarind broth), and ginataang alimango (crab stir-fried in creamy coconut) were my top three favourites.

Both broths were light, yet intensely flavourfully. In the crab dish, the coconut cream is absorbed by the fresh crab meat making it rich and succulent. A must try is also the enticing grilled lamb with pepper sauce and pan-seared salmon cooked in caper sauce.

The Marriott Cafe is the place to go an exquisite buffet that showcases a true taste of Filipino cuisine with a wonderful selection of Asian and Western fares.


Marriott Hotel Manila