Hotel Bosco Ciancio: Beyond the Chestnut Groves in Sicily’s Mount Etna

Global EAT - Beyond the Chestnut Groves in Sicily's Mount Etna
A rustic gem to relax in the tranquility of nature. (Hotel Bosco Ciancio)

Image Updated: November 02, 2017

Hotel Bosco Ciancio, where serenity and flavours converge among chestnut groves in Italy’s fiery destination. Discover the secret to Sicily’s delicious produce.

Italian chestnut season starts in October and ends in March. In Italy, street vendors roasting chestnuts in busy squares, markets and fairs are a common sight during that season.

The world’s largest and oldest known chestnut tree (2,000 to 4,000 years old) is found in Sicily. Named ‘The Hundred-Horse Chestnut’ (Castagno di Cento Cavalli), it thrives by Linguaglossa road in Sant’Alfio on the eastern slope of Mount Etna.

Global EAT - Beyond the Chestnut Groves in Sicily's Mount Etna
Chestnuts have been a staple of the Italian diet for centuries.(Hotel Bosco Ciancio)

Hotel Bosco Ciancio is an off-the-beaten-path destination for chestnut lovers, and those seeking tranquility and back country experience in Mount Etna National Park.

This rustic gem blends charm and history with Sicilian flavours. The family-run boutique hotel recently underwent an upgrade. Surrounded by 30 hectares of chestnut trees, it houses 15 guest rooms, a bar, hall, restaurant and solarium.

The 19th century estate was once home to Ciancio Dukes, a wealthy baron who made his fortune selling chestnuts and almonds. Chestnut flour was used to make polenta before corn was introduced to the European diet.

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Tranquility and beauty welcome guests seeking a relaxing, romantic or nature retreat. A short drive from Bosco Ciancio brings guests to the southern foot of Mt. Etna. Nestled at the foot of Mount Etna, the hotel makes an ideal base for exploring Mount Etna National Park.

Global EAT - Beyond the Chestnut Groves in Italy’s Fire Mountain
Towering over the eastern Sicilian landscape, Mount Etna is the highlight of Etna National Park. The park was established in 1987 and occupies over 224 square miles. (Hotel Bosco Cancio)

Italy’s Fiery Mountain Erupting with History and Flavours

At about 10,930 feet, Mount Etna is Europe’s highest active volcano. The history of one of the world’s most active volcanoes is marked by the layers of lava flow from thousands of years of eruption.

The volcano unleashed an explosion, spewing rivers of incandescent lava and ash into the skies over Sicliy – creating a spectacular fiery show, as recent as February this year.

Terraced vineyards, fruit orchards, chestnut and hazelnut trees flourish in the rich volcanic soil that peppered the lower slopes of Mount Etna. Hotel Bosco Ciancio’s restaurant serve Sicilian cuisine made with these locally produced ingredients. Food grown on its fertile soil erupts with rich, distinct flavours and aromas.

Global EAT - Tranqility among the chestnut groves in Italy’s fire mountain. (Bosco Ciancio)
Sicilian cuisine is full of sun and sea flavours (Hotel Bosco Ciancio)

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Hotel Bosco Ciancio is located within Mount Etna National Park. Road signs are poor in Italy. It’s best to travel during daylight if you are planning on driving to the destination. Driving is an adventure especially in Southern Italy.


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