The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
The 2017 event featured 15 product segments, three specialised trade fairs for Coffee and Tea, Food Service and Seafood. Among the highlights were also the Celebrity Coffee Bar and Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge. (Nikao Media)

Updated: August 08, 2017

What’s hot and innovative at THAIFEX 2017? Discover interesting and healthy Thai rice and coconut products that are heading to your grocery shelves in the coming months.

If there is one place to discover the best and latest food products in Southeast Asia, THAIFEX-World of Food Asia is it. Some 55,000 industry professionals and 2,170 exhibitors from across the globe packed the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand from May 31st to June 4th for largest food and beverage trade show in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia) region.

A co-production of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse Pte Ltd, I was among the journalists invited by DITP to visit THAIFEX. With over a million square feet space spanning nine halls to walk, the Thai massage kiosks were a relief to the weary feet.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
Thailand has about 3,500 rice varieties. In 2016, Thailand supplied 23.7% of global rice exports, the world’s second leading rice exporter in dollar value (US$ 4.4 billion), cited The World Factbook. (Nikao Media)

International participation occupied roughly half of the show space. The remainder were taken by Thai exhibitors showcasing the country’s many food exports – rice being one of the top. I ambled along the exhibit aisles and found some interesting, creative and healthy Thai rice and coconut products.

High Antioxidant Jasberry Rice

Jasberry rice is a non-GMO, natural cross-breeding of Thai fragrant Jasmine rice and a specific Thai black rice variety. “Jasberry has 2.8 times higher antioxidants than blueberry and 10 times more antioxidants than green tea,” said Peetachai (Neil) Dejkraisak , Co-founder of Siam Organic, a Thai-based social enterprise.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
The organic rice grains are also used as an ingredient for the production of innovative products such as gluten-free superfood pasta, flour and soap. (Nikao Media)

It has the aroma and softness of Jasmine rice and the antioxidant benefit of the blueberry fruit. Our products are delicious and healthy, added Dejkraisak.

PRIME – The Lifestyle Rice

If calories are your concern, this rice packaging provides a calorie scale to simplify proper carbohydrate consumption for different lifestyles. PRIME Active is for athletic individuals needing fast recovery after a heavy workout and for those with digestion issues.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
PRIME rice-based products are designed in partnership with experts such as, sports scientist, rice researcher and chef. (Nikao Media)

PRIME Fit is for weight watchers. Their beauty focus products include PRIME Radiance and PRIME Care which contains high antioxidants and nutrients.

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Thai dessert (Khao Tom Mud)

A ready-to-eat, traditional dessert made from steamed sticky rice with coconut cream and real fruit. It comes in six different flavours: banana, bean, taro, mango, durian and longan. I tasted the durian flavour which was moderately sweet.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
Preservative-free, it’s professed to have a 12-month shelf life at room temperature while maintaining its original taste. (KJ World Foods Co. Ltd.)


After a long meander through the aisles of endless displays, COCOMAX was just what I needed. This bottled 100% coconut water is refreshing, soothing and delicious with a hint of natural sweetness – no sugar added. The taste is very close to freshly drained coconut water.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
The Thai-manufactured beverage is currently available for purchase online or in retail stores in Asia, Europe, South Africa and Australia. (CocoMax)

Ac CoCo Pop Coconut

Forget hacking or drilling the thick coconut shell for a taste of the invigorating juice. It’s all done for you. Just pull the tab, and insert your straw for a taste of the flavourful natural juice.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
The pop coconut is a product of Thai AC Interfresh Co., Ltd., a Thai fruit exporter. (THAIFEX)

Coconut Coffee Creamer

Coconut trees are everywhere in Thailand. Thai people believe that the coconut is the symbol of abundance. A product of CocoFarm, this all-natural coconut coffee creamer is cholesterol and trans-fat free. It enriches your cup of java with an exotic twist and it’s dairy-free.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
CoCoFarm creamer enriches your cup of java with an exotic twist and it’s dairy-free. (Nikao Media)

Kitchen of the World

At the exhibition center’s sky kitchen, one cannot escape the array of food outlets operated by friendly vendors. Bubbling cauldrons of pork rind sat next to steaming fish cakes and trays of sweet aromatic Thai curries.

Global EAT - The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017
Clouds of steam wafted from the open kitchens as vendors hurriedly served hungry attendees on a time crunch. (Nikao Media)

In 2016, Thailand was ranked the top food exporter among ASEAN countries and the 12th biggest globally, according to Malee Choklumlerd, director-general of DITP.

A food self-sufficiency nation, it’s positioning to be the “Kitchen of the World”. Rice, processed chicken meat, canned seafood products, shrimp and seasonings are the country’s leading exports.

Thailand will be the largest Southeast Asian participation in Anuga Food Fair this year, taking up 3,000 sq. metres of space, said Wendy Lim, general manager (Business Unit Food) of Koelnmesse Pte. Ltd.


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