Chiorri Wins Merano Wine Festival Award

The festival presents winemakers with a marketplace to showcase their best quality wines to the world. (F. Strangis)

The Chiorri’s labels – Saliato Colli Perugini DOC 2012 and their selection of Antonio Chiorri Merlot Umbria IGT 2011 are among the top wines chosen to receive this year’s Merano Wine Festival Award in the red wine category.

“We are exhibiting at this prestigious wine festival with over 10,000 visitors,” says Francesco Strangis as he reaches for his red wine bottle, and pointing to a festival postcard on his table display, at the recent Italian Wine Festival in Vancouver.

Chiorri – Winemakers of Sant’Enea

The winemaking tradition at Chiorri in Perugia-Umbria, Italy goes back to the 1800s. Like their ancestors, they nurture their vines with great care and pride, ensuring top quality wines, vine sustainability, and a legacy for their future generations.

Pruning and harvesting is done by hand.

No additives, yeasts or stabilizing methods are used in their winemaking. Overlooking their 20 hectares of vines is an old stone farmhouse which offers authentic Umbrian vacation experience. In Italy, viticulture represents the past, present and future. The story of a viticulturist can be seen in the hands that tended the vines.

Merano Wine Festival Kicks Off Today

The Merano Wine Festival is celebrating its 24th anniversary starting today. The festival was developed by a Merano native, Helmuth Köcher who was smitten by French wines after his escapade to Bordeaux, France in 1989. Together with his two friends, they inaugurated the first Merano Wine Festival in 1992, presenting winemakers with a marketplace to showcase their best quality wines to the world.

The City of Cures

Merano or Meran (in German) is a town and commune nestled in the northern Italian valley of South Tyrol. Viennese physician, Josef Huber in 1836 called this charming town the “City of Cures” because of the healing benefits of its air.

The area has long been known for its health and wellness attractions, especially among European visitors.

Over the centuries, many European aristocrats, scientists, writers, poets, and artists made Merano their home. It was once an important economic centre for trade between Italy and Germany.

Today, the glorious past of this captivating town along the Passer River, is mirrored in its elaborate architecture, elegant gardens and lush parks.

Global EAT - Chiorri Wins Merano Wine Festival Award
Chiorri’s winemaking tradition in Italy goes back to the 1800s .(F. Strangis)

Festival Features

Since its inception, the wine festival has grown from a wine tasting and exhibit event to include a gourmet area, a wine and culinaria award program, and wine master classes.

According to the festival organiser, 300 cellars, 100 Italian artisans and 150 international producers are expected to showcase at the 4-days festival commencing from November 5th to 10th.

The gourmet area features a beer zone and a gamut of delicious Italian food exhibits including products like truffles, pastries, chocolates, meats and dairy products. Over 5,000 wines are tasted and reviewed each year for the wine award in three categories, namely, red, gold and platinum.

Funds received from the 2015 wine master classes will be donated to Gruppo Missionario di Merano, a non-profit entity, to help purchase beds for a pediatric hospital in Tanguieità-Benin, Africa.

If you are looking for 300 days of sunshine, a relaxing alpine- Mediterranean lifestyle with ample opportunities to sample exquisite gourmet food and wines, visit the Meran Wine Festival.


Merano Wine Festival
Merano-South Tyrol, Italy