Mexico is a haven for foodies and shoppers. You probably can’t resist the attractive deals when it comes to jewelry and artisan shopping. Find out how to get your money back shopping in Mexico?

With more than 122 million people living in 31 states in Mexico today, one can only imagine the immense cuisine varieties available in the world’s most populous Spanish-speaking country.

Is Mexican Food A Fusion of Many World Cuisines?

Indeed so! The origin of this Mesoamerican gastronomy is more than a blend of Aztec and Spanish cooking as described by Chef Betty Vasquez, Ambassador for the Riviera Nayarit. Vasquez is also one of the Judges for Master Chef Mexico and Owner of El Delfin Restaurant, Mexico.

In this audio, What is 21st Century Mexican Cuisine?, Vasquez takes us on an interesting narrative to explore the origins of today’s Mexican cuisine. How pre-Columbian food evolved through time with influences from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Vasquez also highlights some of Mexico’s national and regional signature dishes, her delightful favourites, and holistic mission towards sustainability through the life cycle approach.

Money Back Shopping in Mexico

Aside from delicious food, Mexico is also great shopping destination for items like sterling silver, folk art, pottery, apparels and textiles.

For international travellers shopping in Mexico, MONEYBACK is offering shoppers refund on their value-added or sales taxes. The refund applies to items purchased at any of their 6,000 Mexican MONEYBACK affiliated retailers.

Global EAT - Eat Mexico and Get Your Money Back Shopping
Tourism is Mexico’s third source of foreign exchange earning. (Nikao Media)

At the Mexico Fest-Vancouver presentation recently, Danielle Van Der Kwartel, the company’s Director-General said that the tax refund equates to 8.9% of the total amount of pesos spent by the traveller on select items. The refund will be paid directly to the traveller’s credit card of choice, and in his or her local currency.

Tax refund only applies to products physically bought at MONEYBACK affiliate stores, and shipped out of the country with the traveller. To claim the refund, the traveller has to present his or her required travel documentations along with invoices and credit card vouchers to any of the company’s offices prior to departing Mexico.

Offices are located at airports, cruise ports or shopping malls. The company currently offers over 50 tax refund service locations throughout Mexico. To find out more, visit their website.


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