Why Slovenia Makes You Crave for More?

GlobalEAT - Why Slovenia Makes You Crave for More?
The medieval town of Škofja Loka is one of the most well-preserved cultural attraction in Slovenia. It's about 16 miles from Slovenia's capital and largest city, Ljubljana. The Selca Sora river meanders through Škofja Loka with the iconic 14th century Cappuchin Bridge in the foreground.(www.slovenia.info/Jošt Gantar)

Slovenia may be a small country but it’s packed with experiences you won’t want to miss.

Slovenia has a vibrant and diverse music scene.  Located in south central Europe, the country offers a smorgasbord of tempting European flavours that will wow even a jaded foodie.  Sun-seekers will love the less explored beaches fronting the azure Mediterranean waters.

Slovenia’s stunning landscape of snow-clad peaks and green meadows features many beautiful hiking spots. The Central European nation is the world’s first country to be designated a ‘Green Destination’ for its sustainable tourism practices.

From Ptuj, Škofja Lokam to Tržic, there’s endless little places to explore along ancient rivers that weave through medieval towns lined with street cafes.

Venetian-influenced landmarks including the Praetorian Palace and Loggia dot the port city of Koper on the Adriatic coast.

Slovenia boasts a rich musical tradition and offers music festivals year round.  The annual Ljubljana Festival is one of the top summer festivals.  It attracts visitors from all over the world.

GlobalEAT - Why Slovenia Makes You Crave for More?
Theresa Plut performing at the New Year’s Gala in Portorož with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (Theresa Plut)

Free Live Concert in Vancouver

Enjoy a Slovenian experience in Vancouver this fall.  Internationally acclaimed Canadian – Slovenian soprano, Theresa Plut is giving a Free Concert with distinguished pianist and University of British Columbia (UBC) professor Terence Dawson.

Date: Friday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m.
Venue: UBC Roy Barnett Recital Hall, 6361 Memorial Road, Vancouver. B.C. V6T 1Z2

Plut is known for her amazing vocal range, coloratura and dramatic talent. Her repertoire ranges from Zerbinetta in opera to Carmina Burana in concert.

The award-winning vocalist has performed with opera companies and orchestras in Europe, Asia and North America. She is currently assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana.

The evening program features Slovenian folk songs and classical opera.  They include art songs composed by Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler and Hugo Wolf.

Others include a selection of songs by Slovenian composers: Benjamin Ipavec, Anton Lajovic, Vasilij Mirk and Lucijan Marija Škerjan. A discussion on Slovenia’s musical heritage will follow the performance.

GlobalEAT - Why Slovenia Makes You Crave for More?
Slovenia’s cuisine reflects the diversity of its landscape, history and neighbouring cultural influences. The cuisine is heavy in meats and starches. (www.slovenia.info/Tomo Jeseničnik)

Experience Slovenia Through Its Cuisine

What better way to discover Slovenia than through its gastronomy. Renowned Chef Ana Roš’s has raised Slovenia’s profile in the global food scene.

Chef Ana Roš has single-handedly elevated Slovenian gastronomy to the world stage, having spent the past 15 years cultivating a culinary treasure inside her family’s humble inn and restaurant Hiša Franko. — CNN Travel

Ana Roš is the Slovenian chef who was crowned the World’s Best Female Chef 2017 by World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Locals love to share their traditional specialties including their famous kranjska klobasa, served with Jota, a sauerkraut dish made from sour, fermented turnips. Kranjska klobasa is a Carniolan sausage similar to kielbasa or Polish sausage.

The hearty bograč stew would satiate any stomach rumble.  The traditional Hungarian-influenced dish originated from the Slovenian region of Prekmurje. Wash down with a dessert of kremna rezina (a chantilly and custard cream cake) and your palate will be pining for more of Slovenia.