Why Mature Adult Travel and Living in Thailand is Appealing

Global EAT - Why Mature Adult Travel and Living in Thailand is Appealing
Thailand, a place where you can stretch your money and lead an active lifestyle.

Why mature adult travel and living in Thailand is gaining popularity.  Even snowbirds are heading to the Kingdom of Siam.

Mature adult travel and living overseas continues to increase with the rising senior population.

For the first time ever, Canada’s population comprised of more seniors (65 +) than children (aged 14 and under), according to Statistic Canada, May 2018 figures.  Baby boomers are getting older with longer life expectancy and may easily outlive their assets.

The cost to maintain an active lifestyle with longer life expectancy is a challenge with the rising cost of living in Canada. The dream to travel or retire to a country where you can stretch your money has become more appealing.

For mature adults, affordability, access to healthcare services and livability are important when it comes to destination choice.

Thailand, once the number one travel destination for Canadians, is making a comeback for many good reasons.

Politically Stable, Safe and Prosperous Nation

  • The current government is stable.  Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by foreign power.
  • Thailand over the past four decades has made remarkable progress in social and economic development, moving from a low-income country to an upper-income country in less than a generation, cited the World Bank.


  • Lots of international carriers offer reasonably priced flights from Canada to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.
  • Canada’s transport minister Marc Garneau announced an expanded Canada-Thailand air transport agreement last year.  The agreement allows Canadian and Thai airlines to serve any city in Canada and Thailand with 21 flights per week for each country.

Affordability and Healthcare

  • Affordable accommodations and good quality healthcare.
    Access to good amenities including state-of-the-art hospitals and senior care communities.
  • Well-trained medical, health and wellness professionals.
  • World class destination for medical spas and wellness, cosmetic treatments and dental care.

Friendly People and Fascinating Culture

  • Gracious people as the catchphrase goes, Land of Smiles.
  • Exotic and vibrant culture steeped in history.
  • Fascinating indigenous groups with intriguing lifestyles.
  • Majority of personnel working in the hospitality and healthcare industries speak English.
  • Established and diverse expat community to socialize with.

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Amazing Thailand

  • Dotted with stunning beaches and rustic countryside to relax as well as wildlife encounters.
  • Fun things to do including entertainment and recreation in cities or rural communities.
  • Markets selling textiles and jewelries to explore, and awesome food that’ll keep you returning for more.
  • Climate to suit your preference, from the cool temperate north to the warm and humid south.

Thailand has the amenities to make mature adult travel and living a memorable one. Whether you are planning a personal trip, retirement living or bringing your elderly family member with disabilities, such as dementia, on a vacation.