Coconut Macaroon and Flambéed Banana: Simple and Appealing

Global EAT - Coconut Macaroon and Flambéed Banana: Simple and Appealing
Assorted macaroons (Nikao Media)

You would love this classic Coconut Macaroon and Flambéed Banana dessert infused with a true taste of Barbados. A great recipe to impress your guests and add a tropical ambience to your dinner.

The coconut macaroon and flambéed banana is a crowd pleaser.  Best of all, it’s simple, quick to make and delicious too.

Serves: 4

Recipe courtesy: Chef Jason Innis


2 eggs
3 cups sweetened coconut
Splash Malibu coconut
½ cup sugar

4 bananas sliced
¼ cup butter
Mount Gay rum
½ cup brown sugar
1 lemon


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a larger bowl mix eggs and sugar and Malibu with a whisk.
  3. Add coconut mix with wooden spoon
  4. Spoon onto parchment-lined sheet
  5. Bake until top is golden-12-15 mins
Flambéed Banana
  1. Melt butter and sugar together and add a splash of lemon juice to stop carmelization.
  2. Once heated to caramel colour, add banana slices and toss.
  3. Next add rum, ignite with match and cook until fire has burned off.
  4. Spoon around macaroons, garnish with mint and fresh berries, enjoy/li>

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