Bon Café, why it’s rated one of the Vancouver’s favourite Vietnamese eateries. What tempting dishes are drawing diners back week after week?

Looking for delicious and value meals? Head off to Bon Café, a family-run Vietnamese eatery on Vancouver’s trendy Main Street.

This little bistro located on Main at East 33rd Avenue is rated one of the city’s favourite Vietnamese eateries. Dish portions are generous.  Be ready to doggy bag your leftovers.


Tasty Favourites

Lemongrass chicken tops the list. The aromatic dish is loaded with deliciously seasoned, moist, grilled chicken pieces and served with plenty of crispy vegetables, rice or vermicelli and a bowl of soup.

Craving for a taste of the crunchy deep-fried Vietnamese spring roll? If you want a taste of lemon chicken and spring roll, order the combo dish.

Global EAT - Bon Café: Vancouver’s Hot Spot for Tasty Vietnamese Dishes
Bon Cafe’s deliciously seasoned grilled lemongrass chicken. (Nikao Media)

On the menu is also a plethora of steamy Vietnamese soup bowls that can be ordered with chicken, beef or pork. The flavoursome broth with rice noodles come with crispy beansprouts and fragrant Thai basil.

The Bon Special Sandwich (banh mi) is a hit with diners – one of the best Vietnamese submarines in Vancouver. The hearty filling sandwich would satisfy any hunger pangs.

Bon Café is the place to go for a delicious meal deal with fast, friendly service, and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  Seating is tight, but it’s worth the wait.

A must stop place for any visitors, says a Yelp reviewer

You can’t go wrong with an eatery that has been around for over a decade, and that consistently accumulates rave reviews.

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The eatery is on the Main bus route (bus stop right outside cafe). Free parking is fairly easy to find in the neighbourhood.

Bon Cafe

4909 Main St.
Vancouver, BC V5W 2R2
Tel: (604) 325-1199
Opening Hours: Daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m