Indulge in A Taste of Atlantic Canada Culture: rich, warm and intriguing. Find out why the cold water lobsters are so delicious and meaty.

In this video, an Atlantic Canada representative highlights the destination’s attractions and famous lobsters.

Atlantic Canada is located on the country’s eastern seaboard. The region comprised of the Maritime provinces of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Eward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Maritimers are friendly and hospitable folks. Atlantic Canada is renowned for its intriguing Celtic and Acadian cultures.

Acadians are descendants of French-speaking settlers from Brittany, Normandy, Picardy, and Poitou in France. They moved to the Maritime Canada and Maine (USA) in the late 16th century to set-up the French colony – Acadia. Like the Celtics, their culture is very much reflected in their custom, lively music and and food.

For generations, Maritime folks are blessed with harvest from the sea – notably the mouthwatering Canadian Atlantic Lobster referred to as the “King of Seafood”.

Cold water Atlantic lobsters have whiter, more tender, sweet and edible meat than the warm water species because they are harvested from the icy salt water of the pristine Canadian Atlantic Coast.

The only edible meat on a warm water lobster is in its tail. Meat is present in the tail and claw in cold water species.

Global EAT - Atlantic Canada: Great Food and Stunning Coastlines
A fresh, succulent lobster meal is a must on any Atlantic Canada trip. (Tourism Nova Scotia)