Berlin: Europe’s Hot Spot, the City That Never Sleeps

Discover Berlin: Europe’s hot spot or better known as Europe’s New York, the best place to be.

In this video, Ralf Ostendorf of Berlin Tourismus Marketing Gmbh highlights the travel attractions in old and new Berlin, the exciting night life, the rich culture, and the must visit Christmas markets.

Berlin, Germany’s capital is located in the Northeastern region of the country. The unification of Germany over 25 years ago has brought significant progress to the city. Despite rapid development, many of the historic sites are preserved.

The wall is gone, the party is on in a city that never sleeps.

Global EAT - Berlin: Europe's Hot Spot, The City That Never Sleeps
Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt (Flickr: visitBerlin/Wolfgang Scholvien)